Kyntronics' modular, precision actuation systems are designed with your motion control demands in mind.

  • Kyntronics' stand-alone Electro-Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) simplifies setup and reduces downtime.
  • Our EHA is up to 50% more efficient than mechanical actuators.
  • The rugged design allows for accurately pushing forces up to 20,000 pounds (90kN).
  • Customize an actuator to your specifications—our engineering staff acts an extension of your team, providing support from design to delivery and beyond.


Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

Compact, stand-alone high-force actuators for precision applications

An excellent alternative to hydraulic cylinders and electro-mechanical actuator replacements

electro-mechanical actuators

Electro-Mechanical Actuators

Highly-configurable actuators to suit your applications

OEM actuators

OEM Actuation Solutions

Kyntronics provides standard product modifications:

  • Mechanical Interfaces
  • Special Packaging
  • Electrical/Control Interfaces
  • Software Features
  • And Total Integrated Engineered Solutions

EHA – Simple, Accurate & Powerful

This self-contained design is simple to set up and reliable. No external hoses or hydraulic infrastructure is required. The competitive advantage Kyntronics EHAs provide are efficiency, high force and the ability to customize.


Hydraulics allow for the efficient conversion of power from electrical to mechanical. On the other hand, mechanical actuators use inefficient steel gears that rub together, along with ACME, ball or roller screws. EHAs improve this process due to the elimination of metal-to-metal contact. Instead, EHAs use a simple, efficient pump that pushes fluid to move a load.

Kyntronics taps the EHA power conversion advantage by offering a product with a smaller motor. This means a more compact package that is lighter and more cost-effective.

High Force

Power is the difference. Move up to 20,000 pounds (90kN) of linear force while positioning to 0.001 inches (0.03mm) all in a compact package. Kyntronics' modular EHA systems can be modified to suit your application.

Customized Actuation Packages

Don't get forced into a catalogue actuator from a commodity supplier when Kyntronics can engineer a actuation system to meet your specific requirements. We can produce smaller runs and flex to your production and specification requirements.

One Click to Configure an Actuator

Kyntronics engineers are problem-solvers prepared to address your actuation demands. Find out which Kyntronics actuator fits your application, or start configuring an actuation package now.